In general, if you charge your Whistle regularly and have a reliable internet connection at your Safe Place, your Whistle device will update itself automatically. You can also set your phone or tablet to automatically install the latest version of the Whistle app.

Updating your Whistle device

It's important to regularly charge your Whistle and keep it connected to Wi-Fi so it can receive updates as they are available.

In order to update itself, Whistle has a few basic requirements:

  • Must be connected to Wi-Fi
  • Must be charging
  • Must be above 40% battery capacity. If the battery is below 40% Whistle will begin updating once it has enough charge
  • The update will take 5-15 minutes

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Updating your Whistle app

You can set your phone or tablet to get automatic app updates so you get the latest features and improvements as soon as they’re available.

To automatically update apps, please refer to the following articles on Google's and Apple’s support websites 

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