Estimating the total number of calories that your dog burns each day can be split into: 

  • Resting calories - calories that your dog burns just by laying around (often referred to as their basal metabolic rate or BMR) 
  • Active calories - calories that your dog burns due to other activities like standing up, walking around, or going for a run with you. 

In order to estimate your dog’s BMR we use the weight that you entered during setup. You can edit your pet's weight on your pet's profile screen. Similar to humans, a dog’s BMR usually makes up over half of the total calories that your dog burns every day. This is why you will see resting calories even if your pet does not have any active minutes yet. Therefore, in order to have an accurate estimate of calories it is very important that we have an accurate measurement of your dog’s weight and it's up to date. 

Whistle uses sensor readings from its tri-axial accelerometer to estimate how many calories your dog is burning while moving around, in addition to it’s BMR.  By combining these two sources of caloric burn we can estimate the total number of calories your dog burns each day.

**Whistle's caloric expenditure is based off of published algorithms as an estimate of pet energy expenditure, however it has not been proven clinically accurate and not intended to directly manage your pets food intake. Please be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet's diet or routine.