Who should read this article?

  • You need to find notification settings
  • You need to edit what types of notifications you receive: push notification, SMS, and email
  • You need to add/delete an email or phone number for notifications
  • You need to edit the notification categories you are alerted about

Where can I find notification settings?
Tap on the "Human Stuff" icon which is located in the bottom tab bar on the far right side, then tap on one of the options (Push, Email or Text). The next screen will display your notification settings.

Turning notifications on or off

  • Select the type of notifications you wish to turn on or off, from the top of the Human tab
  • Globally toggle on/off all SMS and/or Email notifications
  • Individually toggle on/off email notifications for GPS location, battery status and/or the weekly activity report (this is sent on Monday every week).
  • Individually toggle on/off push notifications for GPS location, battery status, activity updates, and/or achievements.
  • Individually toggle on/off SMS notifications for GPS Location and/or battery status. 
  • If you have more than one pet, we do not offer the capability to customize notification settings per pet at this time.
  • And if you have added to the family and invited other owners they can adjust their notification settings without affecting yours. 

Adding/deleting a secondary email or phone number for SMS messages

  • Tap on Text or Email notifications from the Human Stuff tab
  • There will be a "trashcan" next to phone numbers and emails that you can delete.
  • You can add 2 additional emails maximum that are different from your primary account email address by tapping and typing in the empty placeholder box. 
  • You can add 3 phone numbers maximum for SMS messages. And the phone numbers will request verification codes. 

What do the notification categories mean?

  • GPS Location - These will provide you with an alert when your pet is out of their safe place, if you start a track session, it will send a new location every minute for 30 minutes, and it will send a single location update, if you do a one time locate.
  • Achievements- These will let you know when your pet earns a new achievement and tapping on them will open to a full screen view of the achievement.
  • Activity- These will send when your pet hits their daily activity goal, when they are on a streak, when they break a new personal record, and when they are resting more or less.
  • Other - These will send battery status levels when your device is low and fully charged and when your device has turned off.

If you are experiencing issues receiving notifications, make sure to double check your phone's system notification settings for the Whistle app.

Please note: The instructions above are for changing your product-related notification settings. If you would like to unsubscribe from marketing and promotional emails, please use this link or click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any unwanted email.