Your Whistle device will save battery power (power save mode) when connected to your Safe Place's WiFi network.

In this help article, you will learn:

  • Why you cannot use GPS when your Whistle GO is connected to WiFi
  • How power save mode saves overall battery life
  • How you can tell that a Whistle GO is in power save mode

What is power save mode?
When your Whistle is connected to WiFi, we assume that your pet is safe and so Whistle's GPS services and cell connection are turned off to save on Whistle's battery power. This means that you will not see the "Track" button or the "Update Location" button on the map of your pet's location. You can tell if a device is connected to WiFi aka in power save mode by the green, circular WiFi beacon icon that shows up next to your pet's profile picture in the top navigation bar.

How do I know when my device is not connected to WiFi?

GPS services and cell communication will activate when the Whistle device is no longer connected to WiFi. At that point that green WiFi icon will transition to an orange, circular cellular icon to indicate that the device is not connected to WiFi and is using cell to communicate and send updates to the server. Once the Whistle has lost the connection with your WiFi network, it will check the device's GPS coordinates, in the background, to see if it is still within the perimeter of your safe place. When your pet's GPS coordinates and uncertainty radius (which is the light blue circle near/around your pet's icon on the map in the app) is completely outside of the Safe Place perimeter, you will receive the notification that your pet is out of their Safe Place and the last known address.