You will be able to carry over your existing Whistle 3 Subscription and Pet Profile to your new Whistle GO or Whistle GO Explore. 

Using the same Whistle App, please follow the steps below to setup your new Whistle GO or GO Explore:

*Note: The steps to activate a Whistle GO or Whistle GO Explore as an upgrade from Whistle 3, are the same as the replacement video shown here

 1. Tap on the Human Stuff bottom right icon and select Add a Whistle.

2.  Tap on Whistle GO Explore or Whistle Go (Depends on the model you purchased).
3.  Tap on Your Existing Pet's Name that you will be upgrading.
4.  Tap on the Safe Place You Are At to begin setup. 
5. Follow the remaining steps to complete setup. Please make sure to keep your new device on the charger until the LED on your device turns green AND you receive a notification that activation is complete.