Invite family and friends to the Whistle app

We want to make sure everyone responsible for keeping your pet happy and safe can do so with Whistle. By joining your pet's Family on Whistle, caretakers enjoy the same experience of managing your pet's location and activity through the app.

There is no additional cost to adding family members to your pet's family.

What can members of your pet's Family do?

Family members can use the app as you do— some of the actions they can take include:

  • Tracking your pet 
  • Receiving tracking notifications
  • Adding a Safe Place (Note: users in your pet's Family cannot delete each others Safe Places) 
  • Customizing notification settings for themselves
  • Editing your pet’s profile
  • Editing your pet’s activity goal

1. Tap the paw icon to go to the Pet tab


2. Under the Family section, tap Add Humans

3. A texting window will open. Choose a contact from your phone.

4. Send the text message 


5. You’ll be notified once your contact accepts the invitation and will see them in your pet’s profile. 

To accept your invitation, they must create their own Whistle account, or log into their Whistle account if they are already a user (see steps for accepting an invitation below).

Accepting an invitation

1. Click on the invitation link you received from your phone

2. If you don’t have the app, you’ll be directed to download it from the app store

3. The app will open on the invitation screen. Tap Create Account if you’re new to Whistle, or Log In to finish accepting your invitation. 

Not seeing the invitation screen? If the app opens but you do not see the invitation screen, please go back to your message app and click on the invitation link again. Please do not force quit the app.

Removing Family members

  1. Tap the paw icon to go to the Pet tab

2. Under the Family section, tap into the user’s name

3. Tap Remove next to the user 

4. Tap Confirm