If you're receiving a replacement tracker from us for a defective Whistle GO, you'll need to activate it in the app. To ensure your subscription and pet profile can transfer over successfully, please make sure to use our Replacement Activation experience in app.

How to Activate Your Replacement Device:

1. Tap on the Human Stuff bottom right icon and select Add a Whistle.


2. Select the Whistle GO / GO Explore GPS and Activity Tracker.


3. Select the Pet's Profile with the defective Whistle GO that you are replacing with your new Whistle GO device. The pet you select will transfer over their subscription. Do Not set up a new pet. 


4. Select the safe Place from the list that you are currently at and in range of WiFi. 

5. Plug in your Whistle GO and follow the activation steps until you reach the "Welcome to the Pack" screen.


6. Once you reach the Welcome to the Pack screen, it could take up to a few minutes, sometimes hours to receive the activation notification. At this time, keep the Whistle on the charger and do not place the device on your pet until you receive the activation notification.