When your pet is no longer connected to Wi-Fi, you will see the option in the Whistle GO app to either get a one-time location update for your pet's location or start a tracking session. The track button will appear on the bottom of the screen to the right of the last known location and the update location button will appear on the map above the pet's pin. 

After your pet is outside of their safe place perimeter, the blue Track button will appear to the right of the last known location/distance from the safe place. Using the Track function will give you a location update every 15 seconds for 30 minutes, until you tap on the Stop button or when your pet's Whistle comes back into range of the Wi-Fi connection associated with their safe place. 

If you just need a one time location update, you can tap on the Update Location button that shows on the map right above your pet's pin. Take note, that you cannot Track if you are waiting for an updated location and vice versa.

These location features are only available when your Whistle GO is not within range of your Wi-Fi network. When the Whistle is in Wi-Fi range, you will see a green Wi-Fi icon next to your pet's picture at the top, left. If the Whistle GO is out of range of Wi-Fi an orange cellular icon with show instead. 

If you have more than one pet, with an active Whistle, linked to the same email account, you will see a small arrow/caret to the right of your currently selected pet's profile picture. Tap on this top section, and a dropdown list of pets to switch between will appear.