We can show you where your pet has been each day!

Our Trips feature allows you to see where your pet has been each day, built into the activity Timeline. From the Activity tab, you can pull up on the location card (peeking out at the bottom of the map) to see a history of where your pet has gone over the past 24 hours. The location history for each day will show in the app, once you have returned (or arrived) to one of your safe Places with a Wi-Fi connection. 

What if I am not seeing the full location history for my pet?

Good question. At the moment, our server registers location updates if you have left your Safe Place with your pet, AND we have received two or more GPS points from your Whistle (usually five minutes or more worth of time). 

If you have not left your Place, or it was very brief (just around the corner) and we did not get more than 2 GPS coordinates, then the history may not register. 

Can I see more detailed information about a trip?

You can tap on a map thumbnail from your history, and it will show and list the GPS points that were captured during that trip out and about. You will also be able to see the distance traveled, time elapsed, and calories burned for that specific trip.

What if I have more than one pet?

Great news is that you can see location history for each. But it is important to note that the exact routes for each pet (if they were taken on the same walk) will not be identical since their Whistle GOs check in with our server at different times to get these "location fixes." The same history is stored, but you may see the orange dots at different places when you tap on each pet's map. 

Why doesn't the map line up exactly with the trip we took?

The Trips feature is a compilation of the GPS background check-ins that were recorded during a walk or outing, and the frequency of check-ins depends on the current GPS refresh rate for your tracker. The more often the tracker checks in, the more dots you will see on your travels, and the closer it will be to your actual route. If the refresh rate is higher, meaning that the tracker doesn't check in as often, the dots will be farther apart. To fill in the gaps, the app will simply draw a straight line between the two points. This most likely will not reflect the actual streets you and your pet took, but the server has no information in between to know where you were at the time. To increase the accuracy of your pet's movements, you can increase the frequency of the check-ins, but please keep in mind that this will decrease your tracker's overall battery life.