If you are not receiving insights about your dog's scratching and licking behavior, it means your Whistle device did not (1) collect and/or (2) share enough valid behavior data to make a reliable wellness assessment.  

Our algorithms require at least 4 days worth of collected behavior data each week to provide accurate evaluations of your dog's scratching and licking trends. 

You can solve this by (1) keeping your device charged and on collar, and (2) making sure your Wi-Fi network is communicating with your device. Our algorithms detect when the Whistle is not attached to the collar, or the collar is not attached to the dog, so if you remove the Whistle for parts of the day, those hours will not qualify. 

The behavior information collected by Whistle does not need to be consecutive - we just need at least 90 hours total hours (average of ~12 hr/day) of behavior information throughout the week. The behavior information is also more detailed than location or activity data, so requires a Wi-Fi connection to share the data with our advanced algorithms.

If you have never added a Wi-Fi network, then add one! If you already have a Wi-Fi network connection and aren't sure if your device is talking to your network, try deleting your network and then adding it again. 

Not sure how to update your Wi-Fi network information? Follow the directions in our support article here.