The Participant Portal uses the same login information as the Whistle app. To reset your password, you'll head to your Whistle app on your smartphone and follow the directions below to update your login information:

(1) Navigate to "Human Stuff" by tapping the right-most icon on the bottom menu:


(2) Tap "Account Information", and then scroll to the bottom of the app screen. Then tap "Logout":


(3) Next, tap "Log In":


(4) Tap "Forgot password?":


(5) Enter your email, taking care to use the same email address you have previously used to sign in, and then tap "Reset Password":


(6) Check your inbox for an email from Whistle! Follow the directions to reset your password.

(7) Head back to the Participant Portal here to log in using your new credentials. Consider saving your password, using your browser's password manager or a desktop password manager. 

Questions? Email us at