There are physical differences between the Whistle Legacy models and Whistle GO Trackers as well:

1. Collar Attachment Mechanism - The trackers have different sizes and shapes, so the collar attachments for Whistle Legacy trackers are not compatible with Whistle GO Trackers. However, we now offer a variety of attachment options, including our Snap Collar Attachment, Hook & Lopp Collar Attachment, or the integrated Twist & Go Collars! Your tracker will arrive with a Snap Collar Attachment in the box, but you can also purchase additional accessories HERE

2. How to Charge - Whistle Legacy Trackers used a specialized charging base station that plugs into a wall outlet. Whistle GO Trackers can be charged via any micro-USB charging cable that plugs directly into the device. 

3. How to Reset - The Whistle GPS & Tagg GPS Plus trackers can be reset using the snooze button on the tracker and then docking the tracker onto the base station. Whistle GO Trackers do not have any physical buttons on the device, so a reset button is instead on the end of the charging cable. If you need to reset the tracker, you can learn how to do so in this VIDEO

4. Power Saving Mode - Whistle Legacy Trackers use a radio beacon emitted by the base station/charger, to keep the trackers in power saving mode (conserving battery). Since Whistle GO Trackers do not have a base station, they instead connect to WiFi running on 2.4GHz. You can learn more about why Whistle GO Trackers require WiFi in this Support Article

5. Whistle Zones/Safe Places - Whistle Legacy Trackers are only capable of 1 circular Whistle Zone per tracker, while the Whistle GO Trackers are allowed up to 10 different Safe Places. Each place can be paired to a separate WiFi network, allowing your Whistle GO Tracker to go into power saving mode when at that location! You can also choose between a circle or a polygon shape, allowing a more customized experience. Click here to learn more

6. Cellular Network - Both the Whistle Legacy and Whistle GO Trackers require cellular service in order to send GPS location notifications, but the kind of networks used are different. Whistle Legacy trackers communicate on the Verizon 2G CDMA network, whereas the Whistle GO Explore communicates on the AT&T LTE-M network. Keep in mind that while these are the networks the trackers use, you do NOT have to be a customer of AT&T or Verizon for your device to work. The subscription you select with Whistle during activation, allows your device to communicate on the cellular network. You can learn more about our subscription options HERE

When you're ready, check out our video walkthrough which shows you how to activate a Whistle GO as an upgrade from Whistle Legacy: