We have identified an issue that may affect the Whistle app’s ability to quickly detect when a pet has left a designated Safe Place. Those most likely affected are pet parents that have established Safe Places in areas that have a powerful Wi-Fi network.

Because the new Whistle GO trackers have enhanced Wi-Fi sensitivity, we have noticed that sometimes the Whistle tracker maintains connection to the signal for several yards beyond the established Safe Place. As a result, the Whistle device may not alert you until your pet travels several yards beyond your designated Safe Place. 

Rest assured the Whistle team is already in action, currently testing a fix to correct this issue. The solution includes your Whistle device taking  several readings of your Wi-Fi parameters to calibrate the specific range for your designated Safe Place. As soon as we confirm our fix has resolved the issue, we’ll release an update to everyone.

Meanwhile, DO NOT narrow down the area for your Safe Place in an attempt to fix the issue yourself. This action may worsen the issue.  

Remember, your Whistle tracker leverages location-based geo-fencing so you can create unique Safe Places for your pet. Whenever your pet is in one of your established Safe Places, the tracker communicates with the local Wi-Fi to confirm they are indeed “safe.” Using Wi-Fi instead of a cellular signal also saves battery life significantly.   

Your pet’s safety is our #1 priority, so please accept our deepest apologies for this unexpected discovery. Rest assured we are committed to resolving the issue ASAP and will keep you informed.

If you have further questions or concerns, reach our support team