Released on September 25th, 2019, Reminders & To-Do's is a new feature that adds another layer to your dog's care. By allowing a pet's owners to add specific tasks and reminders for medication, food, and important medical procedures, everyone in your dog's family is on the same page and nothing gets forgotten!

The Reminders & To-Do's are built in to your existing Whistle app, and can be found on the Pet tab once your Whistle app has been updated to version 3.1.0 (if you don't see this section, check your App Store or Play Store for an update!).


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When setting a new Reminder, you will have the option to select a type of task, the frequency of its occurrence, and to include a personalized note. To create a Reminder:

1. Tap on Add To-Do when on the Pet tab, or tap View All > Add To-To (blue button at the top) 

2. Fill in the name of the task, the type of reminder it is, the schedule for the reminder, and any important notes you want to include, then tap Save at the top right corner

addtodo.png todotitle.pngtodotype.png tostart.pngtodorepeat.png todonotes.pngtodosave.png

Once your Reminder is saved, every added Family member will be able to view, edit, or delete the task, as well as create their own. 

Reminders will first trigger 24 hours before scheduled, to let you know it's coming up! You can mark it as complete then, or wait until the next day when the task is officially scheduled. If a Reminder goes past the deadline without being completed, you will see it marked as Overdue on the Pet tab, and have a chance to complete it then. A number badge will indicate how many overdue Reminders are waiting, and when you tap View All, you will see the overdue tasks at the top, in red.

overdue.png overduereminders.png

Tapping the circle to the left of any Reminder will mark it as Complete, and an Undo option will appear on the right in case the task was marked complete by mistake. Completed Reminders appear below the Overdue and Upcoming sections when viewing all Reminders. You'll see the last 7 days of completed Reminders by default, but the filter at the top right allows you to change between 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, or all.

completecheckmark.png completed7days.png

You can easily edit any existing Reminder by tapping on it (outside of the blue circle), or by swiping to the left. You can also delete a Reminder that is no longer needed. If the task is recurring, you can choose to delete only one occurrence or all occurrences. 

deletereminder.png deletebutton.pngdeleteoneorall.png