Whistle sensors take 150 measurements of your dog’s motion every second. Advanced behavior detection algorithms created by our research partners at Pet Insight Project - leveraging 300+ hours of user-captured video, including over 600 dogs of varied breeds and sizes caught itching on camera - help detect the unique movement signature of scratching and licking. See the algorithms in action.

When your Whistle is off of your dog for charging, our algorithms intelligently “fill in the blanks” using the time of day and your dog’s unique history as a guide, enabling us to provide comparable trends week-over-week even if you missed a day or two. We require Whistle data from at least 50% of your dog’s week to provide a reliable assessment, and the algorithms are only validated for dogs wearing a Whistle device on a collar (not harness).

Learn more about Pet Insight Project and their mission to help pets live healthier, happier lives here.