What is the Health Report? 

The Health Report gives a detailed view of your pet’s health insights.  You can view all of your pet’s health trends over the last 30 days. Each health trend is shown as a 30 day bar graph of their daily totals. 

Your pet’s Health Report lives outside of the Whistle App at a link that is unique to your pet.  Bookmark the link, save it for later, or reference it from the App so you can view the long term health insights of your pet.


Link Sharing

Link sharing allows you to send this link to your vet, family, friends, or anyone that might be interested in your pet’s health trends. Your link is specifically unique to your pet and will be updated everyday as new insights are uncovered. When turning link sharing on, the link will be available to anyone that knows the link. If the link is turned off, the link will not be available for anyone. Only the pet owners have the ability to control link sharing.


Who to send the Health Report to

Feel free to send the Health Report to anyone that might be interested in seeing your pet’s health insights. If you start to notice some unusual behavior and are planning on scheduling a vet visit, use the “Email a Vet” button to send the link to your vet so you can monitor your pet’s health together.