First 7 Days of Whistle: 

When you first activate your new Whistle Device, our machine learning models spin up and start translating your dog’s movements into specific canine behaviors (like scratching and licking). Before we assign a wellness score to your dog for these behaviors, we analyze the first 7 days of data and assign a score based on the average level of each behavior for this time period. This 7-day view helps mute occasional spikes, and focuses on the broader trend. 

After 7 days of data - assuming you’ve kept the device on-collar for at least 96 hours - you’ll receive your dog’s first Wellness Score.


If you've been using Whistle for over 7 days: 

If you are not receiving health insights for your dog, it means that your dog's whistle device did not collect and/or share data in the past week.

We need at least four full days of data in which your Whistle was able to collect and share information to make accurate behavior predictions for your dog and generate Wellness Insights. 

You can solve this by

  1. Keeping your device charged and on collar for at least four full days - 96 hours - and
  2. Making sure your Wi-Fi network is communicating with your device 

If you take your dog's collar and/or Whistle off before bed every night, our algorithms will recognize that your Whistle is not attached to your dog. If you regularly keep the device on your dog’s collar except at night, and are still not receiving Health Insights, it’s possible you are not reaching the 96 hour threshold to receive behavior insights.

If you're having trouble connecting to a WiFi Network, refer to our Common Compatibility Issues.

Not sure how to update your Wi-Fi network information? Follow the directions in our support article here.