When viewing your health insights dashboard, you can see an "updated at" date at the top of the page. 


The date reflects the most recent date your device checked into WiFi with your pet's health insights calculated. Your health insights dash board will show your last 7 day average. This means that if you are viewing your dashboard with an "Updated Date" reflecting the current day, you are seeing the 7 day average of the previous 7 days, not taking the current day into account. 

This is done because your Whistle tracker shows you your pet's full day of health trends. The feature is designed to be a tool to manage your pet's long term health, rather than intraday fluctuations. 

If you check your app in the morning before your pet wakes up: 

To ensure the most accurate measurements of your pet's licking and scratching, your health insights dashboard is updated when we can confirm your pet has been woken up from sleep. For example, if you pet wakes up around 7am, you can expect to see your updates about an hour or two after they've gotten up for the day. 

If you device has not checked into WiFi

If you are seeing "not enough data" on your health trends, you will not have an Updated Date since you device is not sending over enough information. 

Troubleshoot why you're seeing "not enough data" here