Location History & Heat Maps 

Limited to Whistle GPS Device models: Whistle 3, Whistle GO & Whistle GO Explore 

This video walks you through how to view your pet’s current, daily & weekly location history:


By default, your location tab will show you your pet(s) current location(s). If your pet is at home and their Whistle is in Power Saving Mode then their icon will appear in the very center of your Safe Place and a green “power saving mode” bar will hover above them. If they are outside their Safe Place when you open the location tab, the power saving mode bar will be replaced with a blue Update Location icon & you will see their last known location.

Stella_Current.png   Winter_Current.png


You can also view all the historical locations that have been grabbed each day, by tapping the “Daily” button, to the right of “Current”. By default, it will show you all of today’s locations in the order they were captured. You can also move backward 1-day at a time (up to 30 days) by tapping the left arrow, or move forwards up to today’s locations by tapping the right arrow.


*Note: If your pet did not leave Power Saving Mode at all a message will appear on the map, as Whistle will have no historical location data to display for that date. 

For a map of an individual trip your pet may have taken, head over to the Activity Tab and scroll down to the Timeline Feature. There you will find maps of your pet’s individual Trips!



You can also view a week’s worth of locations, by tapping the “Weekly” button, just to the right of “Daily”. The various colors in the heat map represent how much time your pet has spent within that location, with green being the least amount and red being the most amount of time overall.