How to access the tool? 

There are two ways you'll be able to access the tool.

The pop up:  Since we suggest you don't get a food portion suggestion for your dog until they have a 30 day activity baseline with their Whistle tracker and are at least 1 year old (because puppy feeding is a bit more complex, we recommend you work with your vet), a pop up will appear when those two requirements are met. You can enter the food portion calculator from there.

If you're busy right then, you can still access the food portion calculator through the pet tab (the paw icon in the bottom navigation bar).

From the Pet Tab: 

Scroll down to the Fitness section on the pet profile tab. Tap “Update” food portion calculator in the Food Portion section. The "Update" button is seen at the bottom of this screen.


How does the calculator work?

    1. Once you’ve gotten to the food portion calculator, tap “Let’s Get Started!” to begin the flow
    2. Answer a series of questions about your dog. 
      1. Update your pet’s weight. Since this was most likely filled out at set up, we want to always confirm weight before beginning the flow to make sure we give the most accurate response. 
      2. Input your dog’s body condition score. What is body condition score? 
      3. Input spay or neutered status.  Why spay or neuter is asked?
      4. Input dog food.  Search your dog food name alphabetically. Start with brand name first. If you cannot find your dog food, check the box at the bottom of the screen "Dog Food Not Found". If you select "dog food not found" you can still see a result, but it will be in calories.  
    3. Get your results! Scroll down on the results screen to see how the food relates to treats. Your results are based on your 6 month calorie burn average that was taken in by your Whistle device. You calorie burn comes from an advanced Whistle algorithm that takes in your dog's breed, age, weight and activity.