Buddy is Whistle's AI bot that helps answer questions and provide basic troubleshooting assistance to get you and your pet back to adventuring as soon as possible! Buddy is also available after support hours to provide assistance 24 hours a day.

NEW! Buddy can now help with questions about order status and tracking information!

You can meet Buddy when you click "Live Chat" anywhere on the support pages, or click the green question mark at the bottom right corner: 


Your conversation will begin with Buddy:


Buddy understands short questions or statements best, that don't include any account information. For example, you can say, "My Whistle isn't charging," or "Where is my order?" to get a customized response


If the answer was helpful, you can give Buddy a thumbs-up to help him learn. If the answer was not helpful or not understood, Buddy will offer options to contact our support team directly for further guidance


Buddy will ask for your name and email, as well as a brief description of the problem, and connect you with a chat representative or create an email for our support team to answer if it's after hours