New Features

  • Whistle 3 New Snap Attachment
  • If you have requested a new collar attachment strap, you will now receive our latest, most secure...

  • Timeline FAQ - Whistle 3
  • Learn more about Timeline Timeline shows you the activities that make up your pet's day by captur...

  • Family Trips
  • Learn more about Family Trips Family Trips gives you more peace of mind that your pet is out safe...

  • Custom Safe Places
  • In this help article you will learn: How to customize an existing safe zone What we consider to...

  • Reminders and To-Do's
  • Released on September 25th, 2019, Reminders & To-Do's is a new feature that adds another layer to...

  • Family Sharing
  • Invite family and friends to the Whistle app We want to make sure everyone responsible for kee...

  • Achievements
  • Celebrate your pet’s accomplishments with Achievements Your pet can earn achievements for acti...

  • March 2018 - app version 2.2.0
  • 2.2.0 is a BIG update for us! What's new: Navigation has moved to the bottom of the screen ...

  • Location History
  • We can show you where your pet has been each day! Our Location History feature allows you to s...


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